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                  Cactus Campers Club Business Meeting


Knights of Columbus RV Park, Hallettsville, TX                                         Date: 3-9-24


Vice President Floyd Sturdivant, substituting for President Terry Shemack, called the meeting to order and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the US Flag.  The members thanked our hosts: Floyd Sturdivant and Barbara Lane. 




Jim Rodda called the roll.  There were 10 member coaches in attendance.  Members in attendance were: Bodines, Fetter/Brula, Millers, Polk/Holmes, Pullen, Rileys, Roddas, Sturdivant/Lane, Stewarts and Worleys.  There were no guests attending the rally. 


The meeting minutes for the February’s rally at Caldwell, TX, were posted on the website. No corrections were noted.  A motion was by made by Jack Pullen and seconded by Barbara Lane to accept the minutes. Motion carried.


Any member needing a 2024 Cactus Campers membership roster, please contact Jim Rodda.    




Terrie Bodine reported the February treasurer’s report at Brazos Valley RV Park at Caldwell, TX.  Treasurer report will be attached.  A motion was made by Jack Pullen and seconded by Barbara Lane to accept the treasurer’s report. Motion carried.


Terrie Bodine mentioned that she has been assigned to the club’s bank account.  Terrie stated that the TBAC banking account has been closed and remaining funds have been transferred to the Cactus Campers Club’s bank account.




Barbara Stewart, substituting for Hank Smith, reported that the next rally will be at Peach Country RV Park at Stonewall, TX, April 10-14 (830) 644-2233. Please email or call the host, Terrie Bodine, if you plan on attending the rally.  Mike Polk and Ann Holmes will be co-hosting.  Terrie and Shawn also invited any members to stay on their property for the viewing the Monday’s solar eclipse if they wanted to come early to the rally. 


Barbara Stewart mentioned that for the September 9-12 rally reservations at Choctaw Casino KOA Park, call the casino operator and they will transfer you to the RV Park for your reservation.  Cost will be $35.00/night if there are a minimum of 15 member RVs attending the rally and free use of the rally room.  Barbara noted that there is quite a distance to the rally room and transportation will be required.


Please try to make your rally reservation at least one month in advance, but if you can’t, at least notify the hosts that you plan to attend with arrival and departure dates. Please let Hank Smith know if you would like to volunteer to be a host or co-host for future rallies.


FMCA Cactus Campers 2024 rally schedule:


Apr 10-14 Peach Country RV, Stonewall, TX

May 1-4 Johnson Creek, Ingram, TX

Sep 9-12 Choctaw Casino KOA Park, Durant, OK (Note: Monday thru Thursday for free use of Rally Room) Must have 15 RV minimum.

Oct 2-6 Lagoons RV, Rockport, TX

Nov 6-10 Sunset Point, Marble Falls, TX

Dec 4-8 Ottine, TX



Jack Pullen reported that the golf was played at Hallettsville Municipal Golf Course and collected $18 for FIRST TEE.




Jack Pullen brought the new member badges to the rally for member distribution.  In a previous rally meeting there was agreement for the TBAC bank funds to pay for eight TBAC members that joined the Cactus Campers Club and for the existing Cactus Campers members, the cost of the badges would be paid from the their club’s bank funds.  Since there were insufficient funds in the TBAC bank account, Jim Rodda made a motion to also include paying for the eight TBAC members that joined the Cactus Campers Club.  Jack Pullen seconded the motion.  Motion carried. 


Jack Pullen also discussed FMCA Cactus Camper Club window signs.  He is hoping to provide a sample of a sign at the next meeting for review.




Floyd Sturdivant presented a proposal to invite a sales representative from SkyMed to make a presentation at the April rally.  The presentation would include a vendor provided meal.  Jack Pullen made a motion and was seconded by Ann Holmes. Motion carried.





Birthdays: Beth Rodda


Anniversaries: None




Linda Cochrane is doing well after having back surgery on February 12.


A motion was made by Mike Polk and seconded by Shawn Bodine to adjourn.  Motion carried.


Respectfully Submitted,

Jim Rodda, Secretary 

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