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Last Anchor 4

Cactus Campers Business Meeting Minutes
Date: 5-3-2024 
Johnson Creek RV Park, Ingram, TX       

Nine rigs in attendance:  Allen (Jeff and Bonnie), Cochranes, Sheila Fetter/Mike Brula, Milgroms, 
Jack Pullen, Smiths, Floyd Sturdivant/Barbara Lane, Taylors, Worleys.  Others attending meals out 
and/or business meeting:  Terry Shemack, Bodines, Elders, Rileys, Ken Brown/Ethel Shook. 


Hosts: Steve and Laurie Taylor and Hank and Shirleen Smith 

Guest: Robert Stromberg 

Treasurer's Report: Terrie presented the report and it is attached. Motion made and seconded and 
carried to accept the report. The deposit for this park will be returned. 


Wagon Master: Hank discussed the remaining rallies for 2024 and presented the 2025 rallies 
scheduled. Schedules will be attached. 


Old business: 

Bonnie Elder presented brochures of FMCA rallies.   

Also discussed were proposed changes to the Standard Operating Procedures which the Elders and 
Ann Holmes worked up. The proposed changes were mailed to all members recently. There was 
some discussion but the members proposed to discuss and finalize everything in the fall.  


New Business: 

President Terry Shemack indicated that the website could use some updates. Our webmaster Bob 
Elder agreed to work with Terry to make necessary updates.  


Sue Milgrom presented the following information concerning badges and signs: The Milgrom’s son 
Scott made our current badges for the whole club. Future badges cost will increase to $17.00 plus tax 
and shipping. The club got a lower cost for the initial order because of the number of badges made.  If 
the club wants to order yard signs with stands they will be $20. The general feeling was that the 
members don't want a yard sign for each coach. There was an agreement that we would order 4 from 


Terrie Bodine made a motion to make 8X10 signs with our website on them for each member. These 
would be displayed in our windshield for our rigs. It was agreed that they would be laminated.  Laurie 
seconded the motion and the motion carried.  


Bob Elder agreed to work on a logo possibly some decals. This will be discussed in the fall. 

Robert Stromberg, having attended a second rally and wishing to join, was unanimously voted in.   

Golf Report: Jack Pullen reported 4 golfers who had a great time. They donated $24 to the First Tee 


Birthdays:  Jeff and Bonnie Allen recently celebrated birthdays. 

Well wishes: Members signed a get-well card wishing the best for John Shemack. 

Motion was made and seconded to adjourn. Motion carried. 

Respectfully Submitted, 

Shirleen Smith (Substituting for Jim Rodda) 

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